Synodia is a Human Resources, change management
and employee relations consultancy.

Synodia offers bespoke solutions that enhance the effectiveness of your Human Resources to achieve your company objectives.


I. In House HR Support

Synodia offers bespoke solutions in 


HR Interim Management

    • HR Leadership or Management

    • Translation of company objectives into HR objectives

    • HR team management


Change Management & Projects  

    • Change Management

    • Transformation and reorganisation support 

    • HR Project Management

    • Digitalisation of you HR processes


Employee and trade union relations

    • Management of Works Councils,

    • Committee for Prevention and

    • Protection at Work (CPPT), Trade

    • Union delegations…

    • Negotiation and conclusion of Collective Labour Agreements

    • Day-to-day management of corporate issues

    • Management of corporate elections and implementation of consultation bodies


Performance & Talent management

    • Skills analysis and profile identification to optimise recruitment

    • Performance cycle creation 

    •  Learning & Development Management

    • Succession planning matrix implementation

II. HR Consultancy

Do you need occasional assistance in certain areas? Synodia can provide advice on 


Social and employment legislation


HR policy implementation:

    • Absenteeism, 

    • Evaluations, 

    • Home-working, 

    • …


Optimisation of salary packages:

    • Fixed costs, 

    • Recurrent bonuses linked to performance (CCT90), 

    • Warrants, 

    • Cash Bonuses, 

    • Reductions in employer contributions

    • …


Development/compliance of HR documents:

    • Contracts and Special terms

    • Breach of contract

    • Terms of employment 

    • Car policy


Management and advice during employment inspections, contact with the SPF, ONSS, ONEM, etc.


III. Training

In addition to the In House Support solutions and HR Consultancy, Synodia has developed advanced training programmes for first line supervisors, management or leadership to hone certain HR specific skills. 
This training covers: 

Management of employee relations.

    This training is based on the following four foundations:

    • Initiate social dialogue

    • Select and implement a Social Management culture

    • What irritates employees and how can this be managed?

    • Implement a culture of social communication and dialogue

Absenteeism management

    • What is absenteeism?

    • How to implement an absenteeism management policy

    • How to manage and reduce absenteeism among my team.

Team management and leadership

    The 7 modules developed tackle specific issues including:

    • Communication and assertiveness

    • The role of the manager

    • Leading a team

    • Giving and receiving feedback

    • Re-framing where necessary

    • Coaching

    • Inspiring a team
    • Changing management

À propos

Why Synodia ?


Twenty years of experience covering all aspects of HR, specialising in employee relations and change management


Thorough knowledge of employment legislation in various sectors (distribution, logistics, industry, service sector, etc.)


A pragmatic, flexible offering to meet your practical requirements


A business-focused approach with practical solutions to support you in achieving your goals


Relevant experience in both SME and family businesses (Facq, Interparking) as well as large international companies (Delhaize, IBA, Euroclear, etc.)


Do you want to work with Synodia or do you have questions?